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Could this cycling jacket become a life saver?

“Don’t just be seen – be noticed!” That’s the mantra of Canadian bike clothing manufacturer Sugoi and their brand new Zap waterproof cycling jacket just does that.

This highly unusual jacket features an innovative fabric that contains thousands of embedded glass beads that reflect light, which means that if a car headlight picks you out you’ll light up like the proverbial Christmas tree.

There has been much discussion in recent years about the best ways to be seen in dark or dull conditions when cycling. Being seen by other road users should be a priority for every cyclist, no matter the conditions.

Obviously good bike lights are essential, especially in winter, and many cycling jackets feature luminous brands or strips that aid reflectivity. But this is the first jacket I’ve used where the whole jacket lights up when a light is shone on it. It’s really impressive!

And the secondary bonus of the Zap Jacket is that during daylight hours is a smart, functional cycling jacket that doesn’t look out of place in the coffee shop or High Street.

I used this jacket on my Autumnal two-week tour of the Picos de Europa in Northern Spain which I wrote about recently. On the wet days the Zap kept me completely dry and I didn’t suffer any condensation inside at all, largely due to the polyester mesh lining in the body and polyester sleeves lining. I also used the jacket as my sole waterproof on a few days walking we had in the deep gorges of the Picos – and it didn’t look out of place.

I think this was largely due to 'semi fit’ of the Zap Jacket. This means it isn’t cut for racing snakes and while the styling is relatively body hugging it does mean you can wear a fleece or soft shell beneath it, something I find crucial when bikepacking, especially in winter. The Zap jacket also has slightly long sleeves and a long back, a la cycling mode.

There is one reasonably sized pocket on the long tail of the jacket but I would have like to have had an inner pocket too, but that’s a very minor quibble for a jacket that is reasonably priced, is functional, and could well be a life saver.

The Sugoi Zap Jacket is available from the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative www.edinburghbicycle.com and costs £89.99


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