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Bruler meths stove from Alpkit

I’VE been a fan of methylated spirit stoves for a long time, an enthusiasm that began with the well known Trangia stoves from Sweden which I used away back in the late seventies.

For me the biggest advantage of a meths stove is that it burns silently – your peace isn’t shattered by the industrial roar of a gas stove or pressure stove, and meths stoves create a gentler and safer flame than other types of camping stoves. Meths vapours are non-explosive. That said, an open flame is an open flame and can still cause great damage if unattended or misused.

The latest incarnation of the traditional meths stove is Alpkit’s new Bruler stove. This is essentially a Trangia type meths copper burner contained within a slotted stand. The slots produce an efficient air flow system that spreads heat evenly across the base of your pan.

In practice the Bruler is simplicity itself. Three retractable legs provide stability and there are three fold-down pot supports. You simply our pour some meths into the burner, light it and start cooking. A convenient flame regulator cap allows a fair degree of flame control (a meths stove that simmers) and once you’ve finished cooking screw down the burner cap for safe transportation.

The total weight of the Bruler is a reasonable 150g, perhaps not as lightweight as some soft drink can meths burner but a lot tougher. Diameter is 9cm and it is 8cm high and it weighs 150gms. It fits into Alpkit’s MytoMug and Hauka kettle. Also fits inside my Evernew titanium kettle.

For £20 it’s a real bargain.


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