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Endura's Flipjak - farewell until next winter

I love this jacket. It arrived at just the right time during the winter as temperatures plummeted from the warmest December on record to the kind of temperatures we would expect in a Scottish winter, sub zero. To be honest I'm a little bit sad at having to put it away for the summer, I've really enjoyed using it but as the temperatures begin to rise it'll just be too warm.

Sub-zero is not the kind of temperature that would normally encourage me to go for a bike ride but the thermal qualities of Endura’s Flipjak changed all of that. This jacket is toasty warm…

Endura refer to this jacket as their ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and as its name suggests you can flip it inside out and wear it as a luminous green bike jacket so everyone will spot you on the road, or as a rather smart and subdued black garment for everyday wear, the ideal winter commuting jacket.

What makes the Flipjak so weatherproof is the 100% polyester inner and outer fabrics and the Primaloft insulation, a highly insulating microfibre synthetic material that will even keep you warm when the jacket is soaking wet.

I found the sleeves to be an ideal length for cycling, the cuffs are sealed with Velcro-type closures and luxury or luxuries, it comes complete with a hood. The cut is somewhere between slim and relaxed and I certainly find it most comfortable when worn over a base layer and nothing else. It’s a terrific jacket for the cold days of winter, just don’t expect to stay cool in it once the temperatures rise, and that's it's only downside - it's too warm to wear in spring and summer. But having said that it is designed as a winter garment. It has certainly made my winter cycling infinitely more comfortable.

The Endura Flipjack retails at £95 and weighs in at a very lightweight 413gr. More information from www.endurasport.com

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